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MRM MANAGEMENT: (973) 256-6344
MRM MANAGEMENT FAX: (973) 256-1754


Below is a checklist of items you may want to take care of before you move in to smooth your transition into your new home.

Call the electric and gas company to have service switched into your name.

  • PSE&G: 800-436-7734
  • NUI Elizabethtown Gas: 908-289-6400

Inform the post office of your change of address. Also, place a sticker on your mailbox with your name so that the mailman knows you live there.

Purchase a plastic shower curtain for the bathtub AND another one for covering the window and frame in the bathtub/shower area. (See Plastic Shower Curtains for more information.)

Let the Superintendent know if you are interested in a parking space or garage (if available at your building) before you move in. You can only park in the lot/garage if you have a parking sticker. Otherwise, your vehicle may be towed. You will be required to fill out a parking contract and prepay the parking rent.

Consider purchasing tenant’s insurance. Our building insurance does not cover your personal possessions. Like homeowner’s insurance, it is designed to insure your possessions in case of theft, fire or water damage. Usually, it is quite reasonable to purchase – about $200/year.


All requests for service, including heat complaints (see below), must be in writing on our Service Order form, whether filled out on paper with the Superintendent or online thru the Maintenance Portal.

Failure to provide access on the appointed date will result in a $25 charge. Make sure that you, or someone else, is home to provide access to your apartment OR make a copy of your key for the Superintendent so he can let himself in.

If you fail to report your need for service promptly, you will be assessed a charge for the additional damage caused by your negligence.

HEAT COMPLAINTS: If you have a heat complaint, please keep in mind that we are obligated to provide you with at least 68°F during the heating season. The Super will check the temperature of your apartment first, and will only make the necessary repairs or adjustments.


Below is a monthly schedule for payment of rent, late charges and eviction proceedings. Always plan to pay your rent on the 1st of each month to avoid extra charges and the hassles associated with eviction proceedings.

Monthly Timetable:

  • 1st – 6th – Rent is due. Rent should be mailed to our office directly and postmarked by the 6th to avoid late charges.
  • 7th – Rent is late. $50 late charge on rent paid on the 7th – 15th of each month, if entire balance is paid.
  • 10th – Evictions are sent to our attorney for processing.
  • 16th – $100 late charge on rent paid on the 16th of each month to the end of the month.

At least ½ of the current rent must be already paid to avoid eviction, assuming there is no prior balance.
If there is more than ½ month rent balance in the account, eviction is initiated. Eviction costs the Tenant: $100 Administrative Eviction processing fee and up to $190 for court costs and attorney fees and a $100 Late charge.

There are other charges if you fail to pay rent and we need to use a court officer (Constable) to remove you from the apartment (Warrant of Removal). Once again, these are fees charged to the Tenant.


BILLS: As per your lease, we are entitled to bill you for any damages done to our property by you, your family or your guests/invitees. This may include charges for ripped screens, broken windows, drain cleaning, or failure to give access to the exterminator.However, in the case that you are billed in error, bring the bill to the Superintendent and explain why you feel it is in error. If he agrees that it is wrong, he will take care of the bill from there. If he disagrees, send the bill to our office with your explanation.

STATEMENTS: If you receive a statement at the end of the month from our office, please pay the statement balance in full along with your next month’s rent. The only exception would be if you have a prior arrangement with our office to pay off the outstanding balance.

RENT INCREASE NOTICES: Each year, before your occupancy anniversary date, we will send you a rent increase notice (even though we may not be requiring an increase.) It is entitled, “Notice to Terminate Tenancy and Increase Rent”, due to NJ state law requirements. If you do not accept the new rent amount, then you must send us 30-day notice of your intention to vacate.)


No matter how clean a building is, even the best properties have a roach or a mouse here or there.
The exterminator is paid monthly to exterminate, not just spray water. If a roach problem persists after two days, call the Super. We will call the exterminator to re-do your apartment, free of charge. Unless you and the Super cooperate, we will never solve the problem. The extermination day for your apartment is enclosed on a separate sheet in your blue folder. You must provide access to the exterminator each month by either being home, or by ensuring that the Superintendent has the necessary keys to enter your apartment. Failure to provide access will result in a $25 penalty.

If you have a mouse in your apartment, see the Superintendent for glue boards. He, or the exterminator, will have them on hand. Also, you may want to fill out a Service Order to have any gaps around the pipes coming into your apartment sealed. This will prevent any new mouse families from moving in.


There must be a plastic shower curtain surrounding all bathtubs and windows that are in a bathtub/shower area. Much damage has resulted to both windows and ceilings below apartments that did not have plastic shower curtains around tubs/showers and/or windows in those areas. The plastic shower curtain must cover the entire wood frame of the window. Window shades alone are inadequate and are therefore unacceptable. Tenants that do not cooperate will be charged for any damage caused by their negligence.


In an apartment building setting, there is always the chance of having problems with another tenant. If that is the case with you, follow the steps below.

  • Have you talked to the tenant?
    If a tenant’s music is too loud or if you feel they are making too much noise at night, let them know nicely. Sometimes, that is all it takes to fix the situation. Plus, you maintain good neighbor relations. If that does not work, then you need to start keeping incident reports of repeated occurrences. Your reports must include specific dates, times and a detailed explanation of what happened.
  • Have you informed the Superintendent of the problem?
    Let the Superintendent know when you are having a persistent problem with the same tenant. He might be able to help rectify the situation. However, please do not call him very late at night or early in the morning. If this is the case, then call the police.
  • Call the police.
    Unfortunately, it may have to get to this point. If you have talked to the tenant repeatedly before, and still the problem persists, you need to call the police. Make sure you have them make out a police report. Get the report number and the name/badge number of the officer.
  • Send your written complaint to the management office.
    We are here to help when you have a problem with another tenant. Also, we will keep your name confidential. However, in order for us to help you, we must have the information from your incident reports. Also, it would be helpful if you provide us with a copy of the police report. After we receive this information, we will send a legal notice to the tenant advising them to stop. If the problem continues to persist with the tenant, we will move to evict them


The Super’s hours are from 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM. The Super will not accept any rent money or issue any Service Orders before or after those times. The only exception to the above hours is in the case of an emergency repair. Also, do not call the Superintendent before or after his work hours. Some tenants have called the Super after midnight for petty things! He, and his family, need to sleep and have time alone just like anyone else.

However, we realize that some of our tenants leave early and return home late from work each day. If this is your situation, please contact the Super during working hours so that special, mutually agreeable, arrangements may be made.


1. Turn stove OFF.
2. Cover burning container with lid or pan to smother fire.

Throw water on a grease fire. You may cause an explosion.

1. Unplug burning appliance, or…
2. Turn circuit breaker off, or…
3. Unscrew fuse.

Throw water on fire or touch burning element.

1. Close oven door and leave closed. Turn oven off
2. Open any windows in the room.
3. Close doors to room and get out.
4. Call gas co. from another location.

Use telephone, turn on lights, use a flashlight, or put key in lock in a room with a gas leak. The slightest spark can cause an explosion.


If and when you decide to move out (and we hope you don’t), below are a few things you should be aware of.

  • Living out security & Moving at the end of a month
    You cannot ‘live out’ your security. The last month’s rent must be paid as usual. Also, plan to move out at the end of a month. Since your rent is due on the 1st of each month, you will be responsible for the entire month’s rent regardless of when you move out during the month.
  • Month-to-month lease
    You are not tied down to an annual lease with us. This means you can move out at any time during the year. However, if you have been in the apartment for less than one year, there are charges made against your security deposit for short-term tenancy. (See Lease #10.e.2)
  • 30 Day Written Notice to Management
    This letter must be received at least 30 days before your intended vacancy date. It should include your name, address and your forwarding address, if you have it. If you fail to provide us with at least 30 days notice, we will deduct one full month’s rent from your security deposit. (A move-out form is included in your blue folder.)
  • Moving Out, Turning in Keys
    When you move out, be careful not to damage our property (walls, doors, lawn). Also, make sure the refrigerator, stove/oven and bathroom are left clean. The apartment should look the same as when you moved in, minus normal wear and tear. Once you are completely finished moving out, make sure you turn in your keys to the Super. Since your official vacancy date is determined when you return the keys, you will sign a Service Order indicating the date you moved.
  • Security Deposit
    Within 30 days after you move out, our office will send you a “Security Deposit Transmittal” report which will indicate how much security you paid, interest you earned and what deductions were made. It will be sent by certified mail to your last known address. So watch your mailbox for notices from the post office.


Would you like to earn a $100.00 ($250 for 248 Reynolds Terrace) credit towards your rent?
Just refer a friend or relative to us by clicking here and submitting it before they apply for the apartment. If the person that you referred moves in to one of our apartments, we will issue the credit towards your rent after they have lived there for a month. Limit 3 online referrals per year.