Protecting Your Valuables and Everyday Essentials

Home insuranceRenters Insurance is an important yet often overlooked type of insurance made specifically to cover your personal belongings, and automatically includes $100,000 of liability to landlord protection. As your property management company, we are not responsible for your personal belongings. Renters insurance offers protection and replacement* of your valuables in the event that they are damaged or stolen. It’s highly recommended that you consider this type of insurance and have a policy in place well before it’s needed. For your convenience renters insurance is available through your online portal. *Replacement cost coverage is subject to terms and conditions.

The Landlord’s insurance WILL NOT cover the loss to your possessions as a result of fire, smoke, burglary, explosion, vandalism, water leaks or other perils.

Furthermore, if you cause the fire, smoke damage or water leak, YOU will be held responsible for damage to the building or other tenant’s possessions.

You have life and auto insurance, but no insurance on your home??? Get Renters Insurance – it’s affordable and will save you money in the future!

Residents can protect their belongings and the unit they reside in with ROOST Renters InsuranceTM. With a few clicks in the online portal, renters can get a quote and sign up for Renters Insurance. It’s easy to add property details and roommates to the policy to ensure optimal coverage.

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